Caring for life and the planet


Our planet is our home, a home that we have not taken care of, just as we often do not take care of ourselves.

We take drugs that harm our bodies, we stay up late and we don’t get enough rest, we drink too much to forget the suffering, and with all of this, do we want to be happy? Impossible.

To achieve happiness we need to think globally. Not only about ourselves and everything that nourishes our lives, but also about our planet. Just as our life is influenced by how we nourish ourselves, what we eat and drink, the air we breathe, our thoughts and feelings. With our behaviour, we are also making the earth ill. Its air, land and sea are becoming polluted and, with this, we too are becoming unwell. But we can also take decisions to heal it. What you need to do is to make a commitment to yourself and to your home.

Sustainable activities

If your home suffers, sooner or later you will suffer too.
We invite you to apply for a place on one of the following free courses, to learn to care for our planet.

It is important to know how to separate our rubbish properly or the task of recycling may become very complex and fail to provide results. For this reason, you need to be responsible and understand which products you can throw away in each of the bins and avoid mixing them.
We know that there is a bin for plastic packaging but the truth is that, even if we separate our rubbish properly, most of the plastic waste that is thrown away is not recycled, but ends up in landfill sites, in incinerators, or in the sea, polluting our planet and causing diseases in people.

You are SoySol

If you have lost your faith in human beings or even in yourself, we would like to tell you that we believe in you. Our dream is possible.