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Renewable energies for companies and individuals

In recent months we have seen how the laws in Spain have improved the outlook for renewable energies, eliminating what has colloquially been called the “sun tax”. Furthermore, the regulations now make it viable for groups to come together to install solar panels for self-consumption, enabling several people from the same community to act jointly. It also approves the repayment of the excess energy fed to the grid when there is a lot of sun and grants other benefits such as subsidies, loans with a low interest rate and tax benefits via the reduction of property tax in some regions. If, moreover, you consider the huge reduction in the price of solar panels, you will see that you can embark on your project without much money, and that the advantages are manifold, for you and for everybody, because it will enable you to improve the environment while paying less for your electricity.

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Sustainable projects that benefit everybody

If you want to improve the environment and to gain from doing so, you will see that the benefits are easy to obtain. All you need is an honest consultant who is concerned about your interests, who is not committed to any particular installer, and who will facilitate access to the best option for you, and not a one-size-fits-all model that does not suit your needs. Ask about our free-of-charge advisory service. We also offer financing solutions for both individuals and companies.

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