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Meditation is much more than relaxation, although without a doubt this is perhaps where we need to start before going deeper.

Meditation is a channel that not only helps us to live more healthily, but also enables us to advance more easily along the path to self-development.

Nutrition, psychotherapy and meditation are an indispensable trio to achieve higher levels of awareness and live a fuller life. The Soysol Foundation aims to approach them all. You can begin with any facet, going on little by little to complete a much more holistic programme that considers the person as a whole in every aspect, physical, emotional, energetic and mental.

A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.



We offer two types of programme, for which we have trained extensively and which I have integrated in my life, practicing them daily. One is Mindfulness and the other is Tao as a system and a curative path to self-development.

Mindfulness Program

This technique invites us to be present in the here and now. All serious meditation excludes the imagination and mental ruminations, as well as visualisations, to focus on being. Mindfulness is being here in the present moment, leaving to one side the unease about what might have happened, nostalgia for past times, illusions for the future, or fears about what may happen, and fully accepting what life has to offer now with equanimity, without fixations, without rejecting or making judgments.

One of the most important experiences of the human being is to be aware of who we really are. We do not identify with many things that are not ourselves and this fixation separates us from people who could be friends. Not only this, but our own true qualities remain hidden from us. Mindfulness enables us to set out along a path of disidentification and discovery of our true being.
To maintain your daily practice of mindfulness we facilitate groups meeting on a fortnightly basis, so that you can reconcile the practice with your day-to-day activities. This will help you to improve your stress levels and truly advance along your path to self-development. Mindfulness is no more than being present in the here and now and enjoying life without fixation, rejection or indifference, being completely alive and connected to life.

TAO Programme

There is nothing better than Tao to help us find our inner energy and reach truly deep meditative states and plunge into the depths of our being, to realise what we really are. This is a system of practices that have been in use for thousands of years, and which were taught secretly in ancient times.
Like Zen or Vipassana, Tao is not in itself a type of meditation, although this is practised. These are paths or systems for self-development, with a very profound ancestral lineage.

With the basic Tao course, you will set out along an ancestral path to self-development. This is very extensive and covers all the spheres of interest. Through this first approach, you will learn to transform your negative emotions, increase your vitality and take better decisions. There is nothing better than Tao to help us find our inner energy and reach truly deep meditative states and plunge into the depths of our being, to realise what we really are.
Sometimes it is difficult to practise alone. We need the support of other people to keep going. Therefore, it is necessary to come together with others, not only to share this practice, but to support each other with different issues. Groups are essential to enable us to feel part of a whole. We invite you to practise TAO every fortnight. The only requirement is to have completed a basic Tao course.

You are SoySol

If you have lost your faith in human beings or even in yourself, we would like to tell you that we believe in you. Our dream is possible.