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Monographic of how to Reduce the use of Plastic

Monographic of how to Reduce the use of Plastic


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Price: Free
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What does the course consist of?

We know that there is a bin for plastic packaging but the truth is that, even if we separate our rubbish properly, most of the plastic waste that is thrown away is not recycled, but ends up in landfill sites, in incinerators, or in the sea, polluting our planet and causing diseases in people. The fact is that as yet there are no solutions to enable us to recycle everything. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn some guidelines on how to consume less plastic. To this end, we invite you to attend this course.

This free course requires the leasing of a venue. A commitment to attend is necessary, otherwise the expense would not be worthwhile. Please note that, when you enrol, we understand that you are confirming your attendance. If you are not sure whether you will come, do not enrol. If, in the end, you are unable to attend, please cancel your enrolment as soon as possible so that we can give people on the waiting list the chance to come, since places are limited.

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