Caring for life and the planet

Company and SDGs

Trabajadores, jóvenes, talento y compromiso
Sustainable projects that benefit everybody
Entrepreneurs are beginning to realise and to be aware that nowadays everything is driving them to contribute with a social commitment. The Law 11/2018 on non-financial reporting and diversity clearly indicates that we are heading towards a new paradigm, in which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must be taken into account. Not only do we need to reduce the wage gap between our employees but, above all, to improve the working atmosphere, and of course to concern ourselves with the environment.
Sustainable projects that benefit everybody
trabajadores jovenes y comprometidos
Workers, young people, talent and commitment
Of course, apart from this law and the SDGs, we know in any case that our company will be more efficient if we have a team of employees who feel satisfied since, in this way, the workers will be more productive. Many of our young people already seek companies that truly offer a social contribution one way or another, to make a commitment with their work and the company they work for. It is not a matter of whether we can or should go on in the same way as we have until now, but rather what would happen if we allowed things to continue as they are. We must not forget that if we want talent in our company it is necessary to have a Human Resources policy that really takes these factors into account.
Workers, young people, talent and commitment
como nos ven los clientes
How our customers see us
Furthermore, our customers increasingly value companies that contribute social value and seek clean production methods without polluting the planet.
How our customers see us
Cómo se valora en la Administracion pública
How the company is valued by the public administration
All of these factors are important, but no less so is the fact that in some procurement processes the Administration is beginning to give more points to companies that are more committed to the environment and which consume clean energy or attend to the aspect of social responsibility to which we are increasingly giving importance according to the latest trends.
How the company is valued by the public administration
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With us you can achieve spectacular results, such as helping your employees to manage stress or ensuring that communication and cooperation between them and the different departments flows more freely, so that everybody wins – the company and all the people who work in it.

Remember that, by doing this, not only will you benefit greatly in the medium term, but you will find out whether you are really prepared for the new challenges that we are already facing a complex world, where the social aspect of the company will be an increasingly important factor to predict whether the company will grow or remain stagnant in yesterday’s world with the threat of closure. All these things represent the new era that is already here and which is prompting us to live life differently. Many large companies have already started. Don’t get left behind!

How Can you Achieve This?

reducing the energy bill in a sustainable way

By reducing the energy bill sustainably.

One of the highest utilities expenditures is the electricity bill. With us you can reduce it by installing solar panels for self-consumption. This will improve your social commitment, making your company more sustainable while bringing you advantages that will enable you to access a wide spectrum of opportunities and possibilities.

advice to managers to make their company more social

Advising executives on how to make their company more socially responsible.

If you wish to win social points, and thereby improve your potential and future projection, so as not to be left behind by the new global trends, we can advise you on how to make your company more socially responsible and enable you to benefit from this in many ways.

reducing the stress of my-employees-making them more productive

Reducing stress among employees, making them more efficient.

Employees are often subjected to considerable stress that prevents them from doing their job well. It is necessary to combat this and for their health to improve. Mindfulness offers them the possibility to manage this aspect and to live a fuller life in which their contribution to the workload is more efficient.

improving the work-environment-and-the-quality of relationships

Improving the working atmosphere and relationship quality.

It is obvious that a company with a good working atmosphere can achieve more than one where the workers are dissatisfied. One way to achieve this is to encourage open and sincere communication between departments, to know each other better and to interact more fluently, understanding the unique, differentiating and necessary value of every person, for the organisation as a whole, and thus obtain better results, which will benefit everybody.

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