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If you want to improve your mental and psychological health, you can do so in different ways. In groups that help you to see yourself better, reflected in another person, thereby increasing your social support systems, or individually if you feel that your issue is somewhat peculiar and requires specific treatment. The ideal option is to combine both methods, because in this way you benefit from the advantages of both types of therapy.

Group therapies

Group therapy helps us by enabling us to strengthen our personal relationships with other people. Sometimes, other people see in us things that we cannot see. Furthermore, we can find support and make friends for life. The support of a group is very important to help us overcome our emotional barriers. Come and recognise the real you through somebody else’s eyes. You will see that it is more beautiful and less painful. If the truth is there, don’t let it escape. Go after it and dare to see yourself in the mirror of the person beside you.

If you feel that your life is a burden, that you do not have time for anything, that they always take you by the hand to do things because you are exhausted and do not know how to get out of the routine, you have reached the ideal place to regain faith in it. morning. There are a lot of things to do.
Come along and forgive your friend, that forgotten member of your family, that ex-partner who hurt you so much, and you will see that life will smile at you again.
Come and we will help you to recognise your value and to love yourself more. You are a special person who deserves the best in the world. Come along and you will see. Fill in this form for further information.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is very necessary when group therapy is not enough. Of course, the latter is more economical and richer in every respect, but the former offers us the possibility of greater intimacy.

Humanistic and / or transpersonal psychology is very useful, because it allows the person to approach those particular issues with full confidence.

You are SoySol

If you have lost your faith in human beings or even in yourself, we would like to tell you that we believe in you. Our dream is possible.