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Fortnighly TAO Workshop


Teacher or presenter: Pilar Novoa
Dates: To be defined.
Timetable: Fortnightly (Monday), 6:30 pm to 8:00pm
Venue: Attendance-based in Madrid. To be defined.
Price: 20 Euros per session with payment for three months according to the number of sessions planned. Possible breaks owing to meditation retreats.
Discounts: Unemployed and retired (over 65 years of age or early retirement).
Requirements: Basic TAO course

What does the course consist of?

Sometimes it is difficult to practise alone. We need the support of other people to keep going. Therefore, it is necessary to come together with others, not only to share this practice, but to support each other with different issues. Groups are essential to enable us to feel part of a whole. We invite you to practise TAO every fortnight. The only requirement is to have completed a basic Tao course.

During this workshop we will perform basic Tao practices with the aim of reinforcing them to enable us to progress along the way of Tao. When you are ready, after a minimum practice of approximately 6 months, although ideally a year, you can go on to discover other types of more advanced courses, from which you will be able to obtain higher returns and more potential if you have already built a firm foundation. Developing the capacity to feel does not take place from one day to the next, therefore it is essential to persevere and to travel along the way without hurrying, since one does not arrive further by running more quickly to cover the distance.

It is usual to repeat the basic course to reinforce more advanced practices, just as it is also necessary to do so to acquire a sound base. There are veterans who continue to repeat the most basic Tao practices over and over again. Only by doing this can we advance along the path to self-development. Knowing something to perfection is better than knowing a lot but, at the same time, not knowing anything. If you reach your maximum potential from the basic methods, you will be able, with this alone, to reach states of enlightenment without even having explored more advanced techniques.


✓ The inner smile

✓ Stretching

✓ The 6 healing sounds

✓ The embrace of the tree

✓ The microcosmic orbit

✓ Rejuvenation massage

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