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How do we nourish ourselves

How do we nourish ourselves?

When we think of nourishment, we always think about food, about what we can ingest, but the topic is much more complex than it would seem. We even believe that we are what we eat. In reality we are much more than that, although what we eat denotes many things in us. I have sometimes heard people who seek the solution to everything in food. They eat very well, and yet they discover that something is missing, that healthy food, understood as balanced and healthy nutrition, based on a vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian or ayurvedic diet, among others, is not enough to have a one hundred per cent healthy body. The reality is that the food we eat is often not enough to solve absolutely everything.

Nutrition is very important. It begins with a healthy diet, but sometimes that is not enough to heal the body; however, it may be the first step to achieving this.

I sometimes wonder why people want to change their diet, without changing other destructive habits. Could somebody perhaps start there and then go on to attend to other aspects of their life? Of course, that is how it works. When a change begins, with time, other aspects of our life begin to change too. I began my path to self-development with psychotherapy, I then combined it with meditation and, later, I began to take an interest in food, the environment, and all the aspects that affect the happiness of human beings. It is not important where you begin, one change will carry you involuntarily to the rest if you really want to advance on a path to self-development.

Nourishment covers food, water, air, our lifestyle, habits, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, all interrelated with the welfare of the planet.

How do we nourish ourselves?

As I have already mentioned, there is also a belief that we nourish ourselves with food alone, and that is not real. In reality, we also nourish ourselves with water, the air that we breathe, the emotions we feel, our habits and lifestyle, the thoughts that come to us, sometimes created by ourselves and at other times inoculated from outside, the beliefs that impose upon us conditions and limits from which it is difficult to break free and transcend. In short, we are nourished by so many things that we would be surprised. Can anybody think about health without thinking about the planet and its welfare? Impossible. Everything is interrelated.

Illness is frequently not due to a single linear cause, but to many multifactorial reasons, with different weights depending on the person.

When somebody seeks the causes of an illness they often focus on one aspect in particular but, in reality, it is more probable that their malaise is due not to a single aspect, but to a series of multifactorial reasons, each one of which has a more or less important weight for the person. One person may indeed be more affected by the food they eat, if for example they are immersed in a diet full of saturated fats and pre-packed products, with a lack of fresh produce and vegetables. However, for another person, another factor may be more predominant, such as deep-seated emotional maladies which sometimes smell stale, and which can even be carried from other lives to be solved in this one.

Sometimes people who have advanced on their path to self-development fall ill and nobody understands it. The truth is that there is a mystery, which nobody or hardly anybody knows. The person themselves must discover the cause.

people who have advanced on-their path to self-development fall ill

If you want to be healthy, you must think that you need to care for all aspects, and to realise that the welfare of our planet is not unconnected from our own. Only in that way will you take the quantum leap that you truly desire and have yet to discover. Of course, even so you will observe that people who are very well-advanced along their path to self-development sometimes become unwell, and the reasons are difficult to explain. Are they settling an old score, or, on the contrary do they want to teach others to see things through this experience, albeit sometimes in a very subtle way and putting everybody to the test? As my spiritual guide says, one never knows who is who. And maybe this advanced person is not so advanced after all and, as for the one who really is, perhaps you cannot see it, because you are influenced by the appearance of earthly things, by the disguise that we use to relate to others, by the multitude of masks and roles that hide who we really are, and which only very acute and enlightened people can learn to perceive if they know you well. Although even they sometimes do not know who is who until many years have passed, since, even when one knows a person, there is a mystery in every being, so deep that only the person themselves and a handful of those around them can perceive the hidden truths.

There are people who waste their health and yet live an apparently healthy life, and others who fall ill easily, because there are explanatory factors that escape us.


With this I do not wish to deny anything, nor to affirm it, I only wish to transmit that there is a mystery as to why one person is healthier than another. It surprises me how some people who waste their health with drugs and other substances sometimes lead an apparently healthy life, and I, who in reality take great care of myself, just need to go to bed later than usual one day to realise that my health can falter. I pay for any excess, however slight it may seem. I do not know whether this is because I have become more sensitive to everything and I immediately detect what is not good for me and my body reacts quickly to halt that occasional negative behaviour that I have indulged in, or because in reality I benefit from less fortitude than other people who, without looking after themselves, seem to be better.

Bodily health, in any case, should always be cared for, because it is a great RESPONSIBILITY incumbent upon us all since, ultimately, our body is the temple that houses part of God, or whoever transcends beyond us and gives us life.

Whatever our state of health it must be cared for, and very much. We do not realise that our body is not only essential on this physical plane full of matter, which furthermore enables us to enjoy many different pleasures, but that our organism is also the home of God, of the Source, the Universe, or whatever you wish to call that which transcends beyond us, whether or not it has a specific divine form for you. You will be surprised to hear this, but I have felt it with absolute clarity. Nesting in my body is the light from which all human beings without distinction proceed, and that is how I am aware that I cannot damage my body arbitrarily just because I fancy some food that is bad for me, or because I cannot be bothered to exercise. I clearly observe that caring for my body is above all a RESPONSIBILITY. Those who do not see it in this way will mistreat their body one way or another and then wish to heal it with a pill, as if by magic, as though chemical substances were miraculous.

Those who seek the solution to their emotional maladies with medication will see that, not only does this not work, but it blocks what should rise to the surface to be healed.

It causes me greater sadness when people who have an emotional malady believe that pills will cure them. More and more people undergo treatment for depression, when all they need is to cry long and hard in the company of somebody who loves them, to externalise the pain of a loss. Grieving should never be treated with medication because this draws a curtain over the pain, which prevents it from floating to the surface to be healed. We are living through a period on the earth where nobody is prepared to bear pain. Everybody wants miraculous substances that, if possible, in a few minutes will free us from the suffering that we add to that pain, thinking it will be permanent, when all pain sooner or later finally ceases.

All pain, even chronic, is called upon to cease, but our belief limits that reality. It is necessary to explore the path of healing to overcome it.

It is true that there are chronic pains, but these, too, are called upon to cease one day, yet we do not know this. We believe, and that is the limit that holds us back, that they will continue for ever, and we are not willing to seek solutions for the root cause, we want to use sticking plasters that mitigate the symptoms to some extent, because going to the origins of everything means effort, honesty, and work that will last forever, because when you become aware of the cause of a pain, something new will appear, to make you keep working on aspects of your life that you do not even believe exist. I once heard a teacher say that, every time he delved deeply into his childhood, he always found something new to work on.

Keeping ourselves healthy is a task that lasts a lifetime and it is part of the path to self-development, since the former reflects in the latter. There are always aspects to improve and heal, to make life richer and more meaningful.

Is it bad for the path to self-development to last a whole lifetime? Not at all. What would happen if a person reached a certain point and there was nothing after that? Well, they would suffer from boredom, or become arrogant, or we do not know how, believe themselves to be the supreme God, and not a simple spark that has reached their heart, even though this spark is full of Him. The Bible says that man is made in the image of God, but nobody really understands this. Now, if you would like to know about these things, in my blog there are articles that have been or will be published in which I talk to you about many things. Here I will focus on how we nourish ourselves which, as you can see, is something varied which goes beyond food.

You must know that the environment, pollution, electromagnetic fields, also affect our health. The realisation of this represents a quantum leap on your path to self-development.

Do you believe that the environment affects health? Do you believe that noise pollution, that of the water, the soil, the air, damages us? Have you ever thought that wireless devices that work with Wi-Fi could seriously affect you? Electromagnetic fields are extremely bad for us. Nobody denies this. What is denied is whether they are really able to kill with continuous exposure, but developing brains, such as those of children and teenagers, suffer seriously from the impact of these waves on their heads, that is why the WHO (World Health Organization) originally, although now it thinks differently, perhaps after receiving funding from people who promote them, and the Council of the European Union in 2011, recommended a reduction in exposure, mainly by this group, since the brain does not complete its development until approximately 21 years of age. For more information, click here to see Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe. 1815 of the Council of Europe for more information.

Eating healthily involves eating organically, increasing the proportion of plant products in our diet, including vegetables and fruit, proteins and cereals. The latter should be wholemeal or wholegrain and not refined.

Ahora bien, si piensas en la comida solo como algo que se ingiere, debes saber que es recomendable comer ecológico, y que lleves una dieta rica en productos vegetales, ya sean verduras, frutas, cereales, o proteínas. The plant world includes a wide variety of cereals and proteins and, if you discover them, you will see that there is great wealth yet to be discovered by many ordinary people. We should not ignore them. The WHO said 40 years ago, and it issued a reminder a few years back, that animal protein, especially red meat, should be eaten in minimal quantities in order to enjoy good health. Cereals should be wholegrain and wholemeal and not refined, as occurs with all the rice eaten in the great majority of restaurants except those that are vegan or similar.

We already know that pesticides damage our health and we have examples of this. Now, you must prioritise the nutrients, and not the appearance or the quantity of what is produced. With this you will come to organic foods with seeds saved from the plant and not purchased from multinationals that genetically modify them to do what is not appropriate.

If you want your food to be healthy, you must understand that in the USA judgments have been handed down against Bayer-Monsanto for contaminating agricultural produce with fertilizers and substances of other types that cause cancer. This article deals with the issue People are increasingly aware that non-organic products damage our health. Furthermore, we see how priority has been given to aesthetics and quantity, in detriment to nutrients. The foods our grandparents ate not only tasted better, but furthermore were more nutritious. All as a consequence of the use of seeds manufactured in a laboratory, and supposedly improved artificially, but we know that in reality this is a business. Farmers can no longer use their own seeds saved from one harvest to the next but, by law, must purchase them from multinational companies, which become greatly enriched at our cost, that of our health, that of our pockets and that of the work of the farm labourers who do a great deal for us with no social recognition.

The ideal situation is to have health and quality of life for many years. Remember that it is natural to die of old age and not from disease, although nowadays it is the other way round.

In short, as you can see, the topic of nutrition can, in reality, be considered very important, because we nourish ourselves with many things. I invite you to read the rest of my articles to discover little by little the extent to which all this, of which I have spoken to you briefly, is real. In short, I encourage you to take care of yourself, so that your body may last many years, during which you will enjoy quality of life. Let us hope that we die of old age and not from a disease. That when the day comes, we will simply lie down to sleep, full stop, without too much drama, or hospitals or thousands of machines connected to our bodies. Do you want to die when you are old and not of a disease? Start healing. Start with any of the aspects on which your health is based, and little by little you will see real transformations. If you want to be happy, do not postpone it. Without health, happiness is maintained, but the pain is enormous. Do not allow your life to be wasted with concerns about your body, without your being able to gain enjoyment from it, because the aim is to enjoy a happy life and with a healthy body until we die. This, we all know, is possible, because there are plenty of examples. Thank you for caring for God’s house within you.

The aim of life is to live happily with a healthy body that reaches the end of our lives in optimum conditions. Care for it. Remember, it is God’s home in you, protect this gift that enables us to live a full life in every sense

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